Explore Community

The very name of our church says it: Community UMC.  But what is “community,” and why does it seem to be in such short supply right now?

Join Pastor Erik Alsgaard and the Community UMC congregation for a four-week exploration of community (small “c”) and Community (as in the church), which we are calling “Building Community.”

Our worship services start at 9:30 a.m. each Sunday.

You know, the Bible has a lot to say about community, from what God-like relationships look like in a community to the purposes of communities. Each week, Pastor Erik will examine one key aspect of community so that your walk with God will be strengthened.

Children’s Church, held during our worship time, will be available for small children starting with the Sept. 11 service. 

Join us for one or for all of the series. Our prayer is that we may grow in love and service as a community and to the community.