All Are Welcome

At Community, all are welcome with open hearts, open minds and open doors. We believe God’s grace is available to all people, no matter where you’re from, what you look like, or what you’ve done.  That’s why our communion table is open to all.

We express our love for God through active discipleship.

To us, being the church is about sharing God’s love by offering hope and healing to those looking for more meaning in their lives. Acts of personal faith and public worship help us grow closer to God, but we also grow in our faith by taking action outside the church walls to help others.

Christ and His earliest followers reached out to those in need, caring for the sick, and abandoned when others turned away. Like Him, we are drawn to help those suffering from hunger, disease, or injustice. Those recovering from disaster. Those in need of education, clean water, or simply someone to let them know they are not alone. We seek to live our faith in ways that create change in the world.

To be United Methodist is to be included in a diverse, worldwide community of connected churches bound by faith and service to the world.

Reaching from the local church to neighboring communities and all around the globe, United Methodists share a mutually determined common mission. By working together, we accomplish more. A web of local churches with a global scope, we seek out opportunities to transform lives.

For more information, visit the United Methodist Church website.