Tuition Payment Policy

Tuition paid weekly is due the Friday prior to service. If applicable, a late fee will be assessed at the close of business on Monday. Monthly tuition is due on the 1st of each month; if applicable, a late fee will be assessed at the close of business on the 5th day of each month. You may elect to pay tuition by Electronic Transfer of Funds (EFT). EFT forms are available in the Center’s business office. There will be a penalty charge of $35.00 for each returned check or EFT to cover bank charges. There will be no reduction of fees for any absences. This includes vacations, school closings, and illnesses.

Food & Allergy Policy

As the Child Development Center is a shared space facility, we cannot guarantee a completely nut-free environment. However, we are aware that some children do have nut allergies, and we therefore prohibit tree nuts and peanuts products and any related product whenever and wherever possible. Even if your child has no allergies, please do not send your child to school with foods containing nuts or nut products in order to protect the children who are allergic. This also includes occasions when there may be special treats such as cupcakes, cookies or candy for birthdays and other parties. If you should have any questions or concerns, please see the office.   

Inclement Weather Policy

  • When Anne Arundel County Public Schools offer virtual instruction with the school buildings closed, the Center will have a delay in opening. The Center will open at 8:15 am.
  • When the Federal Government is closed, the Center will be closed. 
  • When the Federal Government is delayed in opening, the Center will be open at 8:15 am.

Security Policy

For the safety and security of all the children and staff, the facility entrances are locked while children are present. The front entrance doors have a key pad and camera at each door. All exterior doors remain locked throughout the day. The Center has interior and exterior security cameras and a building-wide intercom system to ensure that our facility remains a safe place to learn and achieve. We adhere to all Anne Arundel County School lock-down alerts and are tied in with local law enforcement agencies and fire departments in the event of an emergency.

Illness Policy

In order to maintain the health of our children and staff, students who are sick will be sent home. Students may not return to the center until they are symptom free for 24 hours. This policy is meant to prevent the spread of illnesses and ensure our facility remains a safe environment for everyone.