New Worship Series: Thrive!

Prayers aren’t empty words hurled at the sky. They’re conversations—in fact, they’re the most important conversations of our lives. Prayer is as essential to the spiritual life as air is to the lungs or water is to the body. John Wesley, our Methodist founder, said, “Read and pray daily. It is your life. There is no other way.”Our measure of prayer is the difference between thriving and withering, between living and dying. Our prayers for our church are the difference between revival and decline. It is your life. There is no other way!

Following up on our series Movies Are Prayers, there has been a hunger to ask and answer ‘how should we pray?’ The subject is broad and can’t adequately be addressed in a series of sermons, but a series can be a springboard to dive into prayer, to learn, to practice, repeat, try, fail, try again. We need to “get “get this right.”

Our five-week series, called Thrive!, will use the prayer that Jesus taught his disciples launch into the essential elements of prayer. You might have heard them before -adoration, confession, thanksgiving and supplication -ACTS? It’s a handy little acronym that, once unpacked, focuses us and forms us and our prayers to the will of God. Do you want to THRIVE not just survive spiritually? Join us beginning September 1 for this immersive hands-on series on prayer.