Global Missions

19 Therefore, go and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, 20 teaching them to obey everything that I’ve commanded you. Look, I myself will be with you every day until the end of this present age.” Matthew 28:19-20 CEB


ZIM VIM stands for “Zimbabwe Volunteers in Mission.” Community UMC has had an on going 20 year relationship with the country of Zimbabwe and in the last few years, we have focused our efforts on a village called Hanwa. We have assisted in building schools, providing electricity and clean water, and improving health clinics. Most importantly, we have established lasting relationships with the Zimbabweans by visiting their village approximately every other year. If you have an interest in this wonderful ministry please contact our team leader, Charlie Moore.

Hanwa Mission Appeal Letter (July 29, 2020)

To Members and Friends of The CUMC Family:

As you may recall, our ZIM VIM 2020 Team began planning last fall for its next major project at The Hanwa Mission School in Zimbabwe.  A team of 20+ people was recruited to go to Hanwa this summer between July 19 and August 10th to assist in the completion of construction of a major new Secondary School classroom building (science lab and library), along with the construction of an additional guest/staff house.  In addition, numerous solar projects have been planned to provide reliable energy and water to the entire Hanwa Mission.  Our fundraising began in earnest last November to raise a goal of $103,500.  We began sending funds over as soon as they were raised and construction began in January with a July completion date.

When the Covid 19 shutdowns began in mid March, over $65K had been raised!   About  $8k of this came from various CUMC sources such as the UMW Cookie Walk, our Christmas Eve Mission Offering, a Killarney House dinner and our 2020 Mission budget.  The remaining $57K came from our team members’ “Friends and Family” and other Churches/Service clubs. We had great momentum.   Construction in Hanwa was well along.   Then shutdowns also began in Zimbabwe and construction was halted for about a month.   In late April, our team made the difficult decision to cancel our ZIM VIM trip in July.  However, our commitment remained fully in place to continue our fundraising efforts to ensure that our projects would get completed.  This renewed commitment has paid off!

The Covid 19 Pandemic and serious malaria outbreak in Zimbabwe surfaced additional emergency funding needs.  ZIM VIM stepped up and provided over $3K in emergency food relief for over 135 families (500 people) in Hanwa.  Additionally, over $5k in emergency relief was sent to the Dindi Clinic to address their malaria outbreak and broken water system.  

Construction in Hanwa was restarted in early May and our fundraising efforts have continued to bear fruit.  As of today, over $86K has been raised and disbursed.  We are currently about $26K short of the funds needed to fully complete this project.  Unfortunately, our major fundraising dinner at CUMC (scheduled for early May) was cancelled and our online worship environment has made it more difficult to generate CUMC member/friend financial support.   Therefore, we are now reaching out to you to invite you to join the effort with a special gift to help get us to the finish line.  You can make your gift by sending a check to CUMC with ZIM VIM 2020 in the memo section or you can participate via one of our various online giving opportunities such as “Text To Give”  or “ Realm Online Giving” by visiting cumc.net/give.

You gifts will help complete the ceilings, tiling, painting and furnishing of the Science Lab, Library and Guest/Staff house.  In addition, your support will enable the installation of a solar power system throughout the Hanwa Mission.

We deeply appreciate your incredible spiritual and financial support of our ZIM VIM efforts over the past 23 years.  You are truly making a sustainable difference in the lives of thousands of our brothers and sisters.

Hope Lives – Because He Lives!