The Tangible Kingdom

I really appreciate Hugh’s and Matt’s work in their book, The Tangible Kingdom.  Their 3 circle illustration shows how uncomplicated a lifestyle in Jesus’ ways can be.

Notice from Acts how first century Jesus followers focused on their oneness with Christ by learning and living the Apostles’ teaching, and by praying, and praising God together (communion).  They publicly, and in their homes, ate / drank together and hung out together – bonded with each other (community).  They sold stuff they owned and gave the money to anyone who had need which caused the community at large to like and respect and appreciate them (mission). This lifestyle gave them credibility when talking about the good news of the Kingdom.

And then look at what happened:  by working these 3 rhythms into how they did life, the Lord caused people to trust in Him as Messiah and to join their cause.

But again, these interactions with each other and those outside of Christianity were a lifestyle – not just a brief practice an hour or two per week – it’s how they did life.

They pointed each other to their original identity in their Creator through teaching, and praying, and praise; they accepted and blessed others whether those others believed or not, and they made helping those in need a priority (with no strings attached) because that is what their Master did.

As a result, GOD caused more people to believe and to start copying this lifestyle and living it out to others.

Wow! Making disciples who make disciples – could be a novel concept in modern day Christianity 😉

Would you agree?

-posted by Hal Gaudet

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