“Prayer Life” Followup

This past week’s message looked at prayer as a relational connection to God. Jesus walks through a model prayer for how we should pray to God in his famous Sermon on the Mount. The Lord’s Prayer (Matthew 6:9-15) can easily be broken into five simple themes. We were also shown examples of how we can use this prayer to apply it not only to our relationship with God but also to specific areas and relationships in our life. The 5 themes are below. If you are up for the challenge, pick one area in your life this week to pray over (health, marriage, addiction, etc.), using those themes below:

1. You are my God and my Father, and You are here with me.

2. Show me how to want what you want.

3. Show me the difference between what I want and what I need.

4. Show me how to act like you act.

5. Show me you’re still close in the chaos.

The spirit of prayer is in you! May it become, in His name, the most precious occupation of your life. Have a prayer-FULL week!

In God’s Grace,

Bryan Deehring