CDC Director Job Description


This position serves as the Director of the Child Development Center (CDC) at Community United Methodist Church (CUMC). The purpose of the CDC is to minister to children and families in our community through providing high-quality, Christ-centered childcare. The Director coordinates childcare and educational programs that comply with local and federal regulations and works to instill early Christian values in the children; ensures that the facilities are maintained; manages and supports the daycare staff; and manages the center’s financial responsibilities. 

POSITION RESPONSIBILITIES include but are not limited to: 

Develops and implements a strategic plan. 

Develops and implements the children’s programs based on Christ-centered principles, ensuring a safe, happy and stimulating environment for children to include, field trips, in-house programs, and rest and relaxation. 

Prepares the CDC budget in conjunction with the CDC Board and finance ministry team. 

Manages employee schedules and daily labor within the Center, ensures appropriate ratios are maintained. 

Manages inventory and purchases materials, equipment, and supplies, as needed. 

Collects enrollment fees and tuition, ensures parent billings, account receivables and collections are accurate and precise. 

Maintains and controls expenses within approved budget guidelines. Identifies opportunities and takes action to maximize savings and efficiencies in operations. 

Provides support, oversight, encouragement, instruction and professional development assistance to full-time and part-time teaching staff. Interviews, hires and trains new staff members, ensuring they meet all policies and legal requirements, including first aid and CPR. 

Manages and supports teaching staff and promotes their professional development. 

Conducts annual performance evaluations of all staff. 

Conducts team meetings to communicate important information, set direction, and state expectations. 

Manages the CDC educational programs and facilities. 

Defines and enforces policies of admission, attendance, tuition and all matters related to the administration of the CDC. 

Maintains a referral system for children with special needs. 

Ensures the physical center environment and all health/safety standard operations procedures are in full compliance with local and state licensing regulations.

Maintains solid relationships with state licensors. 

Plans and implements a strong nutritional food program, ensuring state regulations are met regarding food preparation. 

Implements a program for playground safety. 

Arranges facility repairs and maintenance with the approval of the CUMC trustees. 

Ensures a Christ-centered curriculum is executed with CDC Board and state standards. 

Manages and audits all student and employee files in compliance with state regulations. 

Organizes technology support and other vendor relationships.

Maintains customer and employee information accurately. 

Shares information concisely and appropriately. 

Prepares reports to the State of Maryland, as required, to ensure re-licensing and as requested. 

Develops and maintains an active and effective relationship with parents, church leadership, and the community. 

Maintains an active parent–school relationship through open houses, dinners, holiday programs, shows, and a monthly newsletter. 

Regularly communicate with families regarding student progress and CDC policies. 

Attends church staff meetings. 

Serves as ex-officio member of the CDC Board of Directors, attends all meetings of the Board and its committees, as well as attending other church meetings as required. 

Working with the , pastor, develops and facilitates a marketing and communications plan to effectively use social media channels to optimize customer engagement. 

Welcomes visitors to the CDC and arranges tours for prospective students and families. 

Completes ongoing training courses to remain up to date on daycare standards and procedures. 


BA/BS in Early Childhood or Elementary Education. 

At least five years experience as an assistant director or director of a childcare center. 

At least 21 years of age. 


As an employee of CUMC, a community of faith, this position represents our ministry team. The ideal candidate will be able to inspire and encourage others through positive communication and enthusiasm, practicing courtesy and hospitality to all regardless of age, background and race. The following additional traits are required:

a love of children; excellent people skills; ability to inspire and encourage; ability to multitask; and excellent time management skills. 

SUPERVISOR: Lead Pastor 

This is a full-time exempt position. 


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