Church Council Minutes – 10.25.21

October 25, 2021 CUMC Church Council Meeting Minutes
Attendees: Barbara Julian, Sara Turner, Erik Alsgaard, Charlie Moore, Mary Beth Holly, Bonnie Kegan
Pastor Erik opened in prayer at 7:30pm
Pastor Erik presented the 2022 Nominations for the LLDC (See attached 2022.LLDC.Final.pdf)

Special note: Trustee Chair to be determined as Sara Turner steps away from the committee due to relocation to Florida
Missions Ministry- Janice Schaeffer will recruit and grow the membership of this committee
Note that some committees have most members with terms ending in the same year. A suggestion was made to add 4-5 additional members to each committee to begin training/familiarizing themselves with the duties of the committees.
LLDC will need to be focused on finding volunteers
Charlie accepted the nominations report and asked for comments, questions, suggestions.
Worship Ministry and UMW have open ended service terms.
Charlie called for a vote. All affirmed the nominations presented. No one opposed the list.
Presentation of Barb Julian as Lay Servant
Recommended that she include certifications as Church Business Administrator, and other relevant credentials in the application
Charlie expressed council’s gratitude for Barb’s service to the church, as leader of SPRC, office support, and many more!
Charlie called for a vote. All affirmed the nomination of Barb Julian as Certified Lay Servant
Next meeting on Nov 15th (3rd Monday each month 7:30pm?)
Plans for Gratitude Dinner to end a 4 week series on Gratitude.
Begin with campaign this Sunday. How do we respond to God’s blessings in our lives.
Catered meal on Nov 21st after worship. Ben and Kate Falls are in charge of planning.
Charlie ended in prayer at 7:57pm