Church Council Minutes 6.13.21

CUMC Council Meeting June 13, 2021

Attendees:  Dave Lanzer, Bonnie Kegan, Barb Julian, Mary Beth Holly, Hilary Golden

Barb opened in prayer at 12:36pm.

  1. Covid policy discussion=  Dave sent message to Russ for input from homecoming task force on when to implement the new CDC guidance on masks/social distancing.  Russ sent feedback in Realm with input from one other person on the task force.  The task force is in favor of implementing the new CDC guidelines (vaccinated may remove masks, encourage masks for unvaccinated, no specific physical distance is required).  Those who are comfortable are welcome to continue or discontinue wearing masks, or keep a distance they are comfortable with from others.  Encourage those who are not feeling well to stay at home.

The following guidelines are ok for worship, but what to do about events like VBS or the memorial service in July (wider range of social circles intermingling).

Should those working with under 12 age group, wear masks even if vaccinated?

For VBS, it won’t be a large event as in past, masks indoors can easily be required and the groups should be able to space out.

For memorial, ask people to mask, have masks available to handout if people don’t have them. 

For small groups, let the group members decide based on their comfort level.

For music & drama camp, leaders will mask or wear clear face shields.  Children will wear regular masks during rehearsal and clear shields or masks for performance.

Pastor Erik’s picnic- outdoor 

Sharon’s funeral – is a food event possible?  Potluck not a great option.  Could possibly use pre-plated catered food or do limited serving options with fixed servers (masked/gloved)  pre-wrapped desserts.  Will need to be held in MMB.  The CDC board will discuss use of the fellowship hall after hours.

Be mindful of number of tables and chairs in fellowship hall.  Allow more space than in the sanctuary for service.  Set some outside to provide an option.  Have a 20×25 canopy shelter (youth ministry) that can be used.

Balance sheet has $492 for funerals, fellowship has $2,000 in funding available to help with catering cost if we go that route.

Dave can write up some guidelines based on the minutes and information he received (with graphics) from Hilary/Nancy Kripner to share with the taskforce and others.

  1. SPRC re-organized at beginning of the year.  In a unique position to do some re-evaluating or configuring of the activities of the church.  A few things we have tried during transition haven’t worked as well as intended.   

-Children’s formation and outreach programs.  May need to separate these roles?

-Caring ministry of our church:  who is the designated contact when help is needed?

SPRC is doing listening sessions to get feedback on how things are going and what the congregation and families desire. Offering one live session and one zoom session.

  1. Preparations for Pastor Erik- SPRC will be working on setting up meetings with him, so that all the members can meet him and have some time with him.  Will likely meet in small groups.  Not necessarily in the first two weeks. Sassafras and Seasoned Seniors are the largest group, try to set up their meet & greet first.

Have arranged it so Pastor Erik can move his office in here the same day as he moves out of his current office.

  1. Conversation with Wilson UMC- Wilson has outgrown its current space and is ready to return to in person worship and wants to meet in Community.  

Meeting was held this past Wednesday with leadership in both churches.  The group felt lead by the Holy Spirit in their discussion, built trust, and came to a consensus. Wilson is meeting in their parking lot, in the heat/weather/other elements, and has had several health emergencies during services.  


It was recommended that we will move our current 930am service to 9am.  Wilson will meet at 11am (they currently meet at 10am).  Pastor Erik is enthusiastically supportive of this.    


We need to enable conversations to happen between parallel leadership groups to figure out path forward.  How do we become one community?  Build personal relationships between council, SPRC, trustee leaders.


Our facility is significantly under-utilized, we have the space to support two churches.


Would be cool if Wilson’s current space eventually became a mission center for use by both churches for outreach in community.


What other Wilson functions will occur here at community?  Sunday school?  Bible studies?

Not currently adding any events to our calendar.  Great opportunity for both churches.


Dave would like to make a video involving members of the church showing their excitement. Ties into the sermon Mike Gorman gave this morning on bearing each other’s burdens.


July 4th Welcome for Pastor Erik has been planned and we had scheduled for Wilson’s use of the church to begin that week. Meeting at same time not possible, moving Wilson’s service not an option. Need to find a way to work it out.  


Combine services or move picnic to alternate location?  Different day/time?  Change scope?  Do coffee and donuts in MMB?

Note that this was a unanimously confirmed decision.