Winter Relief for Homeless

Cinemascope Slider_WOODDecember 11th through the 18th, CommunityUMC will be taking part in hosting Winter Relief for the homeless.  This ministry supplies the needs of food and shelter for a group of around __ people.  This is a great chance to serve those in need in our area during the Holidays.

Be part of Winter Relief for the homeless on December 11th-18th.

We will need drivers.  We are asking everyone with a drivers license to consider pay it forward by serving at Winter Relief. This is an opportunity to serve and love those in need right in our own home. Contact if you have any questions.

Volunteer sign-up form (this is MACC signup form)

We can make our own of course.  Steve H., could you send me details on the Winter Relief effort (who, what when, where, why, what dates, how many drivers, needed, what times, etc)  and I can get it posted both on the web and as a service opportunity on TheCity