New Worship Series: ONE

Anyone who’s studied physics is familiar with “entropy” and how it relates to systems and energy. Over time, without energy, “stuff” will breakdown into its lowest form and ultimately into disorder. In sociology, entropy is “the natural decay of structure (such as law, organization, and convention) in a social system.” Think about this in terms of relationships – families, marriages, and friendships require work to survive and thrive. Without energy, relationships will drift or fall apart. Same with churches – like ours.

Right now, there’s a ton going on in our culture and in our denomination (and in our human nature) that could divide us UNLESS we choose to work at staying together – to be in union. Jesus talks a lot about unity when he talks about his followers and his Church. In one of his most significant prayers he asks God to make us ONE as a witness to the world.

What will we – the people of Community UMC – need to be about in order to be ONE, to overcome natural entropy and the forces which would divide us? In January we’ll launch a new worship series called ONE: Tear-Proofing Our Church. Please join us for this important study as we explore what unity is and isn’t, to be equipped to stick together when so many issues would pull us apart. Will you choose to be ONE?