New Sermon Series: Sacred Rhythm – Living in God’s Time 24/7

Back to school!  The phrase carries differing emotions depending on age and occupation.  As we enter a new school year, moving put of our summer routines (or lack there-of!), there is always a period of adjustment for kids, adults and commuters planning to avoid school bus routes!.  We can dread these changes or see these disruptions as an opportunity to build new habits in our lives – routines that bring health, wholeness, peace, and joy.  The Hebrews called this wholeness “shalom.”  Shalom requires that we enfold our routines into God’s rhythm – work, rest, play, relationships. Is it possible to make God Lord of every part of our lives and if so, how?  First and foremost, we must stop compartmentalizing our lives, to realize every part of us – and all our time – belongs to God – all time can be sacred time.  To accomplish this new sacred rhythm will require God’s grace and wisdom to build in sacred reminders – to seek God’s kingdom first, to pray without ceasing, to rejoice always, to give thanks in all circumstances.  We can do this, with God’s help, together.   I am praying this Fall is the beginning of shalom for you.  Today we prelaunch our series, Sacred Rhythm – Living in God’s Time 24/7, with the message – You Belong to God.