Update on June 16, 2021

In mid-May, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the state of Maryland, and Anne Arundel County adjusted their COVID-19 guidance.  Now a month later, both our state and county metrics continue to improve (positivity rate is well below 1%) and the government is lifting the state of emergency.  The Church Council has received many inquiries as to when we will relax our COVID-19 protocols to come in line with current CDC guidance.  After some deliberation among the members of Church Council and consultation with the chair of the Homecoming Task Force, we are updating our protocols effective this week:

  • Vaccinated persons are no longer required to wear face masks or maintain physical distance.
  • We recommend that unvaccinated persons continue to wear face masks and maintain physical distance.
  • Parents should use discretion in determining whether and when to require masks for their children under the age of 12 who cannot currently receive COVID-19 vaccinations.
  • We recommend that all staff and volunteers – vaccinated or unvaccinated – who work with groups of children this summer wear a mask and maintain reasonable physical distance whenever possible.
  • Capacity limits for both indoor and outdoor activities and gatherings have been lifted.
  • Church facilities will be open for use except as listed below:
    • The Child Development Center (CDC) classrooms and hallway remain limited to use only by the CDC.
    • The Multi-Ministries Building (MMB) remains closed to all groups except the CDC during CDC operating hours (7 am-6 pm).  No one may enter the MMB during CDC operating hours except with the express consent of the acting director(s).
    • The library, youth room, kitchen, and fellowship hall in the MMB are available for use on weekends and after 6:30 pm on weeknights.
  • We encourage in-person meetings to take place at the discretion of group leaders but also encourage groups to provide options for members to attend in-person events virtually, if possible.
  • Contact tracing forms will no longer be required at any events or activities.
  • Continue practicing good hand hygiene by washing hands and using hand sanitizer.  Minimize physical contact with those outside of your social circle.

We support all persons who chose to continue wearing masks, physical distancing, and limiting their activities to outdoor venues based on their personal circumstances and comfort level regardless of vaccination status.  Please be mindful of the varying opinions and situations among our members, and respect the personal choices of each member of our community.

We are excited to see many members, regular attendees, and new attendees joining us for in-person and online worship, and we are encouraged by the continued engagement among many of our small groups.  We pray that conditions will continue to improve and that, over time, we will once again all be together as one body.