Church Council Summary- February 2022

The Church Council met on February 28 to hear reports from administrative committees and to discuss some topics of interest.  We were joined by many members of the congregation and are grateful that so many were willing to share their thoughts and perspectives.
  • Finance Update: We are currently running slightly under our budget estimate, but this is normal for the first few months of the year.  We have seen a slight uptick in attendance even with some changes due to Omicron.
  • SPRC Update: We are excited to announce that Crystal Spalding will join us on staff as our new Child Development Center Director beginning on March 21st.  We are also working hard on a new Director of Christian Formation position that we hope to fill this Spring.
  • Trustees Update: The cause of condensation inside of our new roof has been identified and new vents will be installed in late March or early April to mitigate the issue.  Spring cleanup dates are March 26th and April 2nd.
  • Pastor’s Update: We would like to do a spiritual gifts inventory to see where our strengths are and how we can best serve while using those gifts.  We are forming an ad hoc committee focused on fostering our relationship with Wilson Church.  LLDC recommended and Council approved Sharon Munns to join SPRC.
  • Wilson Church Contribution: The congregation has been donating to CUMC out of a desire to invest in ministry.  We discussed a number of ways to honor that investment, including potentially a joint mission venture in the community, Arundel House of Hope, sharing meals together, or community worship events like Salt ‘n Light last summer.  Additional conversations to follow.
  • Black Lives Matter Banner: We shared the history behind the decision to put up the Black Lives Matter banner at the corner.  It was stressed that the banner does not support or promote any political organization, but is a statement of the racial justice movement in our community and nation.  Members are encouraged to visit our website to view the video explaining the decision to put up the banner.  This action is not limited to CUMC, but is part of a wider initiative by the Baltimore Washington Conference and the Northeastern Jurisdiction of the UMC.  Members shared thoughts and perspectives from all sides of the conversation in a respectful and constructive discussion.  Pastor Erik and Dave Lanzer will be coordinating additional discussions on the main issues of racism and racial justice, which will likely be guided by someone from outside of CUMC.

The Church Council will meet again on Monday, March 21 at 6 pm via Zoom. All are welcome. If you would like to attend, please register here.