Church Council Minutes – 4.25.22

CUMC Council Meeting Apr 25, 2022

Attendees: Barb Julian, Bonnie Kegan, Dave Lanzer, Erik Alsgaard, Marilyn McKee,  Rita Boller, Charles Moore, Carol Moore, Dana Buckwalter, Nancy Kripner

Barb opened the meeting with prayer at 6:03pm

The group reflected on the events of past few weeks

  • Volunteers stepping up to fill service needs during Easter week.
  • Easter attendance was above 300 (combining sunrise, regular and online attendance)
  • Palm Sunday walk with Wilson Memorial- filled with laughter and joy
  • Combined choirs during Palm Sunday- wide range of musical styles
  • Dramatic readings on Good Friday


Committee updates:

  1. Lay leader: Barb reported that this Spring there is another opportunity to apply for 360 initiatives.  Now four pathways, not just Catalyst, based on the training she attend on behalf of the church.  In response to the May ability for churches to join the Global Methodist Church, leaving United Methodist Church.


About 10% of churches in conference are currently successfully growing, serving, etc.

Catalyst initiative, Readiness initiative (soliciting more churches for this) – these groups make up 65% of churches. Remainder of churches are “dying” churches- no growth, etc.


We have been working in the last year to strengthen corporate prayer and…?


Proposing to continue working on our strengths: Spiritual intensity-  This area elevates other elements in the readiness portfolio. Dynamic relationship, missional alignment, cultural openness.  


Continue with corporate prayer, …??.., and relationship building.


  1. Barb On behalf of SPRC, have been reviewing our reorganization efforts (staff structure). Necessity to shift gears and put foundation stones in children, youth, and family ministries.  Some families say there is not enough support for children’s ministries.


Rewrote Director of Formation position, a full-time position intended to support all members “cradle to grave”, to support a part-time Children’s ministry position and an additional Nursery worker. 


Sometimes communication of the changes gets misconstrued.

  1. Trustees update (Carol): Roof is repaired and last HVAC installed. Pass on our thanks to boy scouts and members of congregation that helped with outdoor cleanup.  Helping Hands groups meet weekly in April to handle needs around the campus.  


Still in the process of deciding which fire suppression company we will contract with in the upcoming year.  


Getting carpet cleaning estimates for both buildings.


Working with Barb, Katie, and Eric to develop a new building use and calendar request form.


Waiting on estimates on electrical work that is needed in both buildings.


Invited Debbie Spriggs from Wilson to Trustee meeting.


  1. Finance (Charlie): Finance did not meet in April, so no updates currently.


Employee retention tax credit – benefits extended to businesses that received the PPP

Can possibly recover costs for 3 quarters of 2020 and early 2021. Need to apply.


  1. Pastor Erik- Brave Conversations- continuation of a conversation about the Black Lives Matter banner- reached out to Conference office- K Scary.  Charlie, Barb, Erik, Dave, and Katie met and started to craft an outline of what a bigger conversation might look like. 

Trying to settle on a date where key leaders, and congregation members, can meet with K.  Round tables discussion (in person)- with facilitators (from SPRC- trained by K or Eric before meetings) who will take notes.

K would do outline, intro, and provide questions and topics.  This would not be a one time event- just a beginning. Focus on what it means to be an anti-racist church and what it means to be the church. Purpose not a vote about the banner. 


  1. Dave- Formed a covenant team (CUMC and Wilson members).  How we live and work together as two churches. How to collaborate and use ideas, resources, etc. Met last month and will meet again this Thursday (Apr 28th).  


  1. ZimVim update (Charlie)- planning proceeding very well. Team departs on 17th of July for 3 weeks.  Fundraising is going well (about $100k so far).  Inflation has raised cost to about $150k, still work to do.   Blues & BBQ Apr 30th. Charlie will provide Dave with a thumb drive containing pictures for presentation.  Facebook Hanwa Mission page to see videos of ongoing construction.  Devotional developed for the ZimVim team- perhaps extend to those at home. Possibly share videos thru WhatsApp – may be difficult to do live with 6 hr time difference.


  1. Barb-United Women of Faith (UWF)- a small group (about 13) met to plan a women’s luncheon May 21st.  Games and food.  Mission: bring an item to support baby pantry. Decide if we want to join the UWF (at conference level) or just do something locally (perhaps quarterly).


Dave ended meeting with prayer at 7:00pm.