Church Council Minutes – 12.20.21

CUMC Council Meeting Minutes

Dec 20, 2021

Attendees: Barb Julian, Mary Beth Holly, Charlie Moore, Carol Moore, Dave Lanzer, Candis Turner Milbourne, Dale Dodd, Gina Perantoni, Susan Myers

  1. Barb opened in prayer at 6:07pm
  2. Mary Beth present the CUMC_Proposed Budget
    1. Guest Musicians was moved under Staff Parish
    2. ZIM-VIM currently at $2,500, would prefer it at $5,000 if possible.
    3. Adjustment for streaming  (add $500 to $1500 under A/V Licensing Fees to cover $230 fee) Add $500 under Income: miscellaneous blessings 
    4. Trustees: Piano Tuning $1000 (maintenance related)
    5. $5,000 in Snow Renewal
    6. Projection of Apr-Dec position (Dir. Christian Formation)
      1. Will we evaluate where we are financially prior to actively recruiting position? Yes
      2. What would happen to cause this to pause? A substantial shortfall.
      3. Should we wait until after Easter when budget forecast is more accurate?
        1. It has been a year since we re-organized staff positions
        2. This is an important position for a church
      4. Current projections support search for Dir. of Christian Formation
    7. Director of Music Ministries -wishlist item not currently funded
    8. Nursery services estimated to start in Apr 2022
    9. Include Life Insurance $45 (5.E.2) on preliminary to final budget 
    10. Christian Formation $500 placeholder- add under Programs
    11. Clarification of Contract Music=> Guest worship
    12. Contract Worship Tech/Stream=> supports designated AV tech
    13. Income: explanation of member givings $380K.  This was our 2020 number. Best estimate for end of 2021 is about $360K; estimated individual giving based on commitments/pledges/current giving levels (or history) at around $375.  Somewhat optimistic estimate.  
      1. Seasonality: Summer months drop; December increase
      2. Income predictions are pretty solid once we get thru April
    14. CDC contribution is $1,000 less than prior 3 years. ($9700/month) In 2020 we waived the contribution for 3 months; In 2021 we had at $7500 for first 6 months, then $9700 for last 6 months.  Projection assumes a reduction of $1000/month in 2022 (response to the CDC budget)
    15. Employer FICA (Employer Taxes)- increase to $10,758.20 (includes Worship Tech/Stream)
    16. Life insurance amounts in 5.B.5 and 5.E.5 are different.  Will make both $50
    17. Health Insurance for Communications & Admin Coordinator was declined by new hire. 403B only eligible when employee has 1 year completed.
    18. Miscellaneous Blessings are funds over and above end of year spending. Wilson and CUMC will decide together how these funds will be used. Council will need to discuss this in advance of designation of funds.
    19. Wilson’s contributions are kept in the balance sheet (about $5,000 so far)


Marybeth- agree/Charlie- agree/Carol-agree/Bonnie- agree/Barb- agree/Dave-agree

Other attendees given opportunity to give their opinion: Gina- concur, Candis- concur, Susan- concur


  1. CUMCDC Budget
    1. Recommendation giving from Christmas Eve (1/3 of donations) be subtracted from $4200
      1. From Charlie: Traditional giving about $4,000/3 = about $1300
      2. Playground is a finite controllable cost (direct purchase order for materials)
      3. Will add $965 to miscellaneous revenue in Jan 22 to balance budget
    2. Director assumed to start in April, if found earlier reserve funds could cover a month of salary at $4166.
    3. CDC Board reviewed and approved the budget
    4. Implemented a slight increase in enrollment, added additional funds beginning in September 2022
    5. School age billed weekly, so Oct has 5 billable weeks. Most programs are similar, a few programs (Tadpoles/Frogs) billed monthly are consistent each month.
    6. September has 3 pay dates (biweekly), employer taxes higher in this month
    7. Contracts for enrollment (Sept) are established in January. CDC may increase tuition, this will affect budget positively
      1. Confirm expected tuition increase amount with Joe D.
    8. Classroom supplies amounts in summer were intentional




Other attendees: Gina-concur/Candis-concur/Susan-concur/Dale- agree




Mary Beth closed in prayer at 7:25pm