Church Council Minutes – 11.22.21

November 22, 2021

CUMC Council Meeting

Attendees:  Dave Lanzer, Bonnie Kegan, Erik Alsgaard, Charlie & Carol Moore, Ron &Rita Boller, Barb Julian, Candis Turner Milbourne, Emily St. Louis, John & Mary Beth Holly, Gary Todd, Tom Reed, Marilyn McKee

Opening Devotion: Dave reviewed the outcomes that we identified as positive changes resulting from pandemic (see Oct 2021 meeting minutes) Where are areas of ministry that have struggled during the pandemic?

  • Communication- posting of council minutes to make them accessible to all church members
  • Realm is not necessarily an effective communication tool
    • a year and a half ago we looked at other options (i.e. planning center) but too much was going on at that time and the discussion was tabled.
    • Most committees use Realm, Prayer Vine
    • Contains a database that would need to be migrated
    • Easy to make donations and designate a fund.
  • Have more opportunities to talk to one another about all things, even difficult things.

Pastor Erik opened meeting in prayer at 6:30pm

Finance (Mary Beth): We are improving in attendance and giving each month. Shortage in member giving is narrowing to be around $20k (down from previous estimate of $30k). Bottom line is looking better. Commitment Sunday- received pledges, still analyzing the impact.

CDC (Dave for Joe) Significant deficit is projected for the CDC next year (even without a director)  We received a state grant of $60K.  Susan is reworking the cashflow and forecast. Finance would like to meet early next week to discuss the underlying assumptions in Susan’s projections (i.e. enrollment). Need to include Joe DaSilva and Beth in conversation to get their perspectives on future state.

Staff Parish (Barb) Proposed policy change for employee handbook. Benefits are not competitive (vacation, sick leave).  For a new employee we offer 5 days of vacation for first 3 years. Sick leave is the same. After surveying government, non-government, churches, the average is about 18-20 days. The BWC starts at 10 days of vacation, increase to 15 days after 3 years.  

Recommendation for fulltime employee: Years 1-5 offer 12 days, years 6-10, 16 days, 11+ years 20 days.  Sick leave is 12 days (fixed).  Rollover (unused vacation leave): allow half to carryover into next year, Maximum of 18 days.  Leave is fully available at beginning of year.  If a person terminates mid-year, only accrued vacation leave is paid out.  Sick leave can accrue up to max of 20 days (4 weeks). Sick leave is not paid out. Would like to begin in January.  10 paid holidays are offered. 

30+ hours is considered full time, 20-29 is regular Part-time, less than 20 is less than Part-time. 

Dave polled the council members for comments/reservations on the staff parish recommendation. All were in concurrence.

Have good candidates for Communication person.  Next position was for CDC director (this is on hold pending review of financial situation).  Christian education position- job description in progress. Projected to post 1st of the year. Music director position (dual focus on traditional and contemporary music) is also in progress.

Scouting charter (Pastor Erik):  We are in a holding pattern awaiting guidance.  Webinar Dec 1st 7pm that will be held by conference leadership to give us more information.  We are currently advised not to sign any charter documents.  Background: BSA has filed for bankruptcy, as a chartering agency we could be liable in event of a lawsuit.  There is a settlement pending.  UMC is largest chartering organization of the BSA. 

Pastor’s report (Pastor Erik):  Thanksgiving eve service on Weds at 7pm, bring non-perishable food item. Dec 5th combined service at 10am (CUMC, Wilson, and Fowler)- Pastor Jay will preach.  Expressed thanks to Ben and Kate Falls and all volunteers for the successful gratitude brunch.

Covenant between Community and Wilson Memorial UMC- space usage, define expectations.

Dave presented the draft covenant which contains sections on:

  • Space arrangements- worship and special services
  • Care of Facilities- detailing expectations for cleaning up after service/events, trash removal, replacement of moved furniture.
  • Use of resources- Church furnishings outside the agreed upon use areas may be available, storage space
  • Main Sanctuary- sound/lighting. Wilson provides a paid sound tech for their service. We have been providing some training.  Settings can be saved separately for each church. 
  • Any additional operators will be trained and operate under supervision of main liaison
  • Equipment will be powered off and properly put away at the end of every event.
  • Pipe organ not available.
  • Piano is available for use. 
  • Communion service coordination
  • Sanctuary furniture available for use.
  • Security- access to church and resources- access limited up to one hour before and after the agreed time periods. Responsible for lock-up. Keys and security system access.

Discussion was opened to the group:  

-Suggestion that liability insurance is a requirement

-Clarify early access time on Sundays (due to close overlap of worship times)

-Calendar usage (limiting advance scheduling to one quarter?)

– Conflict resolution process?

-Note that we will discuss this draft covenant with Wilson before finalizing

– Use of Wilson’s space for committee meetings if conflict in building use at CUMC

-Points of Contact for issues/concerns/planning?

– Parking issues?

– Connecting leadership (finance, trustees…)

Formation of a committee to help build connections between the congregations- Candis is willing to serve in this way. 

Wilson makes regular contributions to CUMC and this is kept as a designated line item on the budget.  $3750 received to date. Would like that money to be used on joint ministry between the churches.

Two young men completed their Eagle scout projects.  Refurbished fencing around dumpsters, added rocks around dumpster.  Refurbished walkways around the MMB.  

Outdoor worship clean up day on Dec 4th in partnership with the scouts.

Marilyn encouraged the group to identify those who have disappeared from the church who were previously active and to reach out to them.

Charlie gave an update on ZimVim- next project will be to return to Hanwa and assist them in building a megablock (large classroom building- 6 classrooms, library, exam room for primary school). Request that council approve this as an official mission project.  Target date: July 2022 (end of month)  (Avoid traveling when campaign activities for next Presidential election in 2023 have begun).

Council concurs on supporting this mission.

Mary Beth closed the meeting in prayer at 7:52pm