Church Council Minutes – 1.24.22

Jan 24, 2022

Church Council Meeting Minutes  

Attendees: Dave Lanzer, Bonnie Kegan, Nancy Kripner, Barb Julian, Charlie Moore, Carol Moore, Erik Alsgaard, Marilyn McKee, Kim Wilhelm, Gina Perantoni, Dale Dodd

Dave opened with a devotion and prayer. Devotion can be found at

Charlie brought up whether the congregation members receive the invite to Council meetings or not.  

Trustees Realm distribution list needs to be updated

Budget update (Charlie)

Variance analysis- Operating Budget

Income: Shortfall about $21k

Attendance down about 11%, Giving per attendee up about 8%. Actual in 2021 about $360k, compared to budgeted $380k.  Projection for 2022 will remain at $380k. Giving in 2019 was $376k.

CDC Contribution came in on budget.  Should receive another $10k grant around March.

Expenses: Under budget $54k

Operations – slightly under spent

Music – under spent due to about $4,200 for Guest Musicians

Facilities/Trustess- overspent by about $11,300 (repair of Fire Suppression system, and tree removal)

Staff- under spent $57k – 3 unfilled positions for partial year

Net SURPLUS: $33,100

Reserves:  In Checking- $280k (mostly $150k PPE grant)

Mid Atlantic UMC Foundation (40% Equity/60% Fixed Income)- Balance $194k

     CUMC Reserves $173k/ CUMC Mission $21k

Total Reserves: $474.8k   about $150k is designated to various reserve accounts- see spreadsheet.

SPRC update: 

Katie Foster has been onboarded and is doing a great job.

Have 2 possible candidates for the CDC director position- hopeful for start in late Feb(?)

Scheduling meetings for LLDC to fill vacant positions

Supporting Pastor Eric and Sheila with meals for their moving day

Trustees update:

Kim and Carol are sharing administrative duties, focus on using talent of all members of the trustees.  January has been a busy month!

Theft of 2 catalytic converters from the CDC buses (last week of Dec-early Jan)- Insurance is covering the loss minus the $500 deductible

Fire Suppression System in the CDC building is reaching end of life- working with Livingston (technicians)  to plan a fix

Snowstorms have required snow removal

Water damage identified in the sanctuary ceiling- our roofer (James) walked the roof on Sunday- couldn’t find signs of leakage.  Recaulked some areas around flashing.  Ventilation needs to be improved; water spots may be due to condensation around pipes in the ceiling. Solution suggested is to add an additional 8 vents on one side of the roof to improve ventilation (Tentative cost estimate: $5500)

Next year is the church’s 50th anniversary- good time to make resolutions and identify new things to move forward

Need discussion/recommendations for use/placement of security cameras. Main purpose: deterrent and help with investigation of incidents that may occur. Not currently budgeted. Need to determine if insurance cost will benefit from camera installation.  


Pastor Erik:  Worship team met and decided to resume in-person services (with livestream continuing) on Feb 6th.  Let members judge personal risk to themselves.  If numbers go back up, we may reconsider.


Agenda Items for Next Meeting:

Relationship with Wilson, what to do with funds contributed to the church (Balance about $5500).  What does it mean to sow into ministry together?

Black Lives Matter sign

Planning for the 50th anniversary

Pastor Erik closed in prayer at 7:30pm