New Worship Series: 50 Days of Joy

How did this happen? Of all the holy seasons of the year, when did the church slip into celebrating the most important event in the history of humanity ONE DAY a year? Easter in most Christian circles gets one day . . . and then drops off the map. We spend all manner of energy on Lent over 40 days and then bang! Huge celebration followed by . . . crickets chirping. How can this be!?! It’s time to make Easter what it’s supposed to be. Historically, resurrected Jesus spent 50 days hanging out with his disciples and Eastertide is 50 days. FIFTY DAYS. It’s not time to put the Easter hymns away until next year. It’s time to party. It’s time to celebrate the event that changes everything, the moment when mourning turned to joy.

Are you missing joy? Need more joy? Then join us for 50 Days of Joy – an extended celebration of Easter looking through the lens of Jesus’ extended stay on this planet and Paul’s amazing letter to the Philippian church. In a world full of a pain and violence, hate and suffering, we need joy more than ever. Journey with us for fifty days. Re-center and reboot and reclaim the message of Easter joy in your everyday life.

Community Church will be reading slowly through the book of Philippians during the 50 Days of Joy series. Download a PDF of our reading plan below!