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We spent the season after Easter exploring what it would look like to build new God-centered rhythms into our life in a time of disruption. Abiding with the rhythms of prayer, Bible contemplation, fasting, serving and belonging will lead us to fruitful and hopeful lives. Now, in this season of COVID-19, we want to drill down deeper into prayer and feeling God’s word by turning to the Psalms – Judaism’s prayer and hymn book. The Psalms give us permission to be real with God – in praise and thanksgiving, in lamenting and disruption. Life is filled with highs and lows. Our songs are filled with laughter and sorrow. And the Psalms are filled with both exultation and lamentation. The Psalms are real, earthy, emotional and authentic. We need prayer like that.

Our series is playing off one of the greatest record albums ever made – Stevie Wonder’s Songs in the Key of Life. Our series is called PSALMS in the Key of Life – Prayers for a Pandemic. Join us on June 7 through July 12 to explore how the Psalms help us pray and live and grow in our faith.

Series Resources


Like the “Psalm-hymns” embedded in our worship set? You can sing all 150 on the Seedbed site.

Men and women (including Pastor Stan) have practiced silent retreat at the Abbey located on the Shenandoah River near Berryville, VA. You can break your silence by joining the monks at their daily offices.

Lectio 365 is absolutely the BEST way to center your prayer time every day. Every reading includes a short reading from the Psalms. Download the app . . .



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