Jesus promised that his Father’s house would be a house of prayer for all nations (Mark 11:17; Isaiah 56:6-7). The Lord also promises that joy would be a primary characteristic of His house (Isaiah 56:6-7).

From July 19-August 7, we encourage you to participate in Community UMC’s “Companions with Christ” Prayer Guide. This Prayer Guide will travel to Zimbabwe with the ZIM VIM team, who will take time each morning to explore a daily devotion on what it means to be “Companions with Christ.” 

Over their 19-day mission trip, we hope you will follow along their journey and join them in prayer (from where ever you may be!) by reading and praying along with the devotional. 

This month, you can participate in praying with Community in the following ways:
  1. Sign up to receive daily (July 19-August 7) email reminders and resources to guide you through that day’s prayer practice.
  2. View the entire guide on our website at your own pace.
  3. Pick up a printed Prayer Guide in the Narthex.

Thank you to all those who devoted their time and talents by writing devotions for the devotional. Each writer was given a word for one of the 19 days and asked to describe what “Companions with Christ” is about to each of them. Each day’s word is included in English and Shona.

About Community UMC's Prayer Guide

The Prayer Guide is a thematic jump-off point for our prayers around big and small things, whether we are rejoicing, celebrating, excited, worried, sick, scared, sad, grieving, trying to adapt, etc. We can join Christians around the globe to pray about urgencies like injustice, violence, war, climate change, refugees, etc. Praying together strengthens our faith and encourages others. When prayer is done regularly, you have a spiritual discipline. This makes space for belief and trust in God to become active gratitude and willing participation in God’s mission to restore and right all the brokenness in the world. 

Prayer is an ongoing conversation with God. It’s an adventure for your whole lifetime!  We nurture a relationship with God like we do with good friends. We invite God into our messy, everyday lives in our families, workplaces, church, community, projects, plans, activities and interests. We get used to doing it in “all kinds of weather” and for others besides ourselves.

It’s never too late to start. You will be in solidarity with others who say:  we are God’s children and belong to a family here at CUMC that is interdependent.  We are imitating Jesus, our Lord, when we care for each other, the world and all God’s creation.

You decide. Whether you set aside five minutes or fifty, it’s an opportunity for our church to be together and grow deeper as a family of faith (also known as the body of Christ) with intention and attention. 

The more often we have prayer-versations with God, the easier it becomes to see how God is part of everything, that we are blessed and that we can be blessings for others. That’s a lot!

Past Prayer Guides

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