“This year, seniors wait in anticipation not of walking across the platform in cap and gown, but of news about what, if any, replacements will be arranged for this important rite of passage. It’s apparent that young people are trying to cope with feelings of disappointment, anger, and sadness. What was meant to be a culminating celebration has now become a loss to grieve and process. There is stress and sadness all around: seniors are feeling lost, parents are devastated alongside them, and schools are scrambling to either cancel, postpone, or host graduations virtually.” (Hannah Lee Sandoval)

Each year, Community UMC sets aside a Sunday to recognize the accomplishments of our young people who have graduated from high school, college, trade schools, and post-graduate schools. This year we want to show extra love, care, and support to these graduates who are experiencing a variety of feelings in what should be a celebratory time.

Here are three ways you can help support our graduates:

1) Mail Cards – You’ll find a list of our graduates and their current mailing addresses on Realm. Let’s shower them with cards congratulating them and sharing our faith with them!

2) Contribute to Care Packages – We will be coordinating care packages for each graduate. If you would like to contribute, you can drop off items for the graduates at Carol Streeter’s house (address available on Realm) anytime between June 3-14. Carol will provide a designated tub in her driveway where you can safely drop your items off. Some ideas for care packages include: gift cards (ex. Starbucks, Amazon, Target, Chikfila, Dunkin), a book that has shaped your faith, a small object to use in prayer (ex. cross, prayer beads), healthy snacks, card games. Please only provide items that can be distributed among all of the graduates, not items or gifts for specific graduates.

3) Celebrate Together! Join us in online worship on Sunday June 14 at 10:00 as we recognize the graduates, share their accomplishments and celebrate their lives with gratitude.